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November 1, 2013 | No Comments | #news  #show

Kudos to those people who put so much time and effort into organizing fundraisers for their community's needs! Of course, we love doing the work, but it's so great to see a group of friends, family and colleagues get together for a good cause, a meal and a fun show.

Last Saturday, we debuted our new murder mystery, "Drew Blood", at the Grand Valley Golf and Country Club in Cambridge. The money raised went to The Bridges, one of Cambridge's shelters: . The crowd loved the characters, and the actors had a blast. One comment: 'I was laughing so hard, I started laughing at how I was laughing!'

Last spring we performed for a fundraiser for the Tim Horton's Children's Foundation - "Romanced to Death" - at the Onondaga Farms location. Tickets for the mystery dinner theatre and a hugely successful silent auction netted the group almost twice their goal!

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